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Brancoveanu Vinars

Vinars making, is an ancient Romanian craft that passes on from generation. The components that make Vinars so special and unique are the indigenous grape varieties used in making the wine distillate, the distillation process and the ageing in French, as well as Romanian oak barrels from the Carpathian region. Vinars is the Ambassador of wine distillate in its purest form since no other ingredients are allowed to be added at any stage of production.

Brancoveanu Vinars, was created in the memory of the 25 years of peace brought in Romania by Constatin Brancoveanu s rule. In respect to the core values of the Romanian nation and its leaders, Brancoveanu Vinars honors the name of an emblematic ruler; a symbolic value of Romanian history and culture. The designated vineyards are located across the 45th Parallel, providing the ideal climate conditions for harvesting the finest quality of the grapes to be used for Vinars production; as in Cognac and Armagnac regions. The craftmanship in blending the finest wine distillate was transferred into the Brancoveanu range by our Master Blender, who created the perfect blend to proudly embody the Brancoveanu Vinars with the history and culture of our nation.


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